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“I started with 1300$ and knocked 1000+ doors. I persisted. Four thousand people have invested $5M in Sagoon”, said Govinda  Giri, Founder of Sagoon.

Govinda Giri a founder of social commerce Sagoon has been an inspiration to a whole world.  Giri, a native of Nepal, has resided in the USA for 25 years and 12 years he worked in Pentagon. Giri one day thought about connecting people meaningfully through social media, he then left his job and developed an app called Lagoon.

At present, Sagoon has around 10.5 Million users, and 4000 people have invested $5M in Sagoon.

Sagoon recently has established its foundation for the social cause. Sagoon Corporation has separated the share of 10 lakh American Dollar for Lagoon Foundation.

About Sagoon

The word ‘Sagoon’ is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘ Shakuna’ meaning an auspicious moment or “good luck.”

Sagoon was founded by Nepalese American IT engineer “Govinda Giri” of Pentagon and IBM in 2009, but he faced a difficult capital environment, and after 14 months of trial and error, he had to shut down his search engine.

In September 2013, he quit his job and started working full-time from the basement of his home. Soon he associated himself with an experienced graphic designer Swati Dayal who began working part-time for Sagoon. Giri spent eight months on market research and analysis of users’ behavior and then rolled out Sagoon as a Social Commerce Site. Its private beta was launched in Washington DC by Manisha Koirala.

Giri introduced Sagoon Version 2.0 in November 2015; it was launched by Nepal PM K. P. Sharma Oli on November 8, 2015, in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Sagoon features the option of My Day, Secret Messaging and Mood Talk.


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