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Since 2001 Nepal College of Information and Technology (NCIT) have been playing a significant role in the IT sector of Nepal. The college is located at Balkumari, Lalitpur.  Currently, the college is offering the courses of Engineering and Management at the Bachelor’s and Master’s levels. It is affiliated with the Pokhara University ((PU).

The college offers courses in:

  1. Undergraduate programs:
    1. Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering
    2. Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology
    3. Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication Engineering
    4. Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering
    5. Bachelor of Engineering in Software Engineering
    6. Business Administration(BBA)
  1. Postgraduate programs:
    1. Master of Engineering in Computer Engineering
    2. Master of Science in Computer Science
    3. Master of Computer Information System(MCIS)

To know more about NCIT and its courses, ICT Frames has set a short interview session with Niranjan Khakurel, Principal of NCIT.

 As the college offers 3 different courses related with IT i.e. Bachelors of Engineering in Information and Technology, Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering and Bachelors in Software Engineering, what are the differences between all these courses? ‘

  BEIT is a course related with ICT it covers the content of Information, communication and technology. A student pursuing the course of BEIT can be qualified in some of the programming related with communication and technology.

Similarly, Students of software engineering have to read about software development, latest software trend and many other related with computer, IT and software development. Likewise, students of computer engineering covers the courses related with electronics and general science. A computer engineer is responsible for developing, testing and evaluating the software that make our computers work.    

What is the status of course offered by PU? How updated is it?

PU launched its new course in 2011. One of the best parts of PU is it does not have to follow the lengthy procedure for upgrading the course. As per the demand of the market and student the course can be updated within a short period.

What kind of environment is available in NCIT for its student?

Since the beginning of college we have been seriously focusing on making a proper environment for the student, and till date, we are thriving on it. Our college does have different kinds of the platform such as Robotic Club, Nepal Open Source Club and Learning Group Club where students can learn practically and enhance their skill.

  Similarly, from 2003 NCIT have been launching National Student Conference on IT (NESCOIT) from where students have been able to gain international exposure. Numbers of national and international conference has been organized by the students of NCIT till.

How do you define the teaching learning activity of NCIT?

All of our teachers are focused on practical teaching method. We always instruct our students to be creative. With that, we teach them to turn general things into a practical one.  

How often do you provide a professional training course for your students?

In NCIT, before starting any semester, we inform the student about Java, Php, Android, and other programming language and software. During any kind of training in college 50 percent of the money is paid by the college itself and the remaining 50 percent money are paid by students.

What kind of relation does NCIT have with companies that work in the field of IT?

We have an excellent relationship with many IT companies. We have done an MOU with companies like Cisco, Microsoft, and many other IT training center and software houses.

How is the job placement status of NCIT’s product?

Many of our students are in foreign land. Similarly, the numbers of students are doing entrepreneurship. Overall our students are doing very well in the industry.


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