Sunrise Credit Card

30 March 2021, Kathmandu

Sunrise Bank launches Sunrise e-card. Now Payment can be done from a foreign E-commerce site

After NRB has allowed issuing prepaid cards many banks are launching their prepaid card with a maximum value of $500. Now Sunrise Bank has launched its own prepaid card.

Sunrise Bank Limited has launched the Sunrise e-card. According to a recent circular issued by Nepal Rastra Bank on international prepaid cards, the dollar card is now operational.

Banks began issuing prepaid dollar cards as soon as the Nepal Rastra Bank made arrangements to issue dollar cards to banks.

Sunrise Bank has been offering various digital banking services with the aim of making digital banking available to the general public in Nepal.

The process to get this card is the same as on other banks. First customers need to have an account with the bank and they also need to submit their PAN card number too. Then they will get a card worth USD 500, according to the bank.

This e-card allows for the purchasing of goods and services from countries other than India. Through an e-commerce platform for a maximum of US $500 per year.

Customers can use their card to make up to USD 500 in purchases a year, once or repeatedly, according to the bank.

Customers will be able to promote their businesses through social media. Including online streaming services such as YouTube, Hulu, and Netflix subscriptions, by using the e-card.


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