Employee Experience Award

29 March 2021, Kathmandu

The first bank of private sector Nabil bank has received the “Excellence in employee experience” award.

The company ‘Growth Seller’, consulting in human service, has provided the award to Nabil bank. The award assimilated for the first time within the company’s HR meet was provided to Nabil bank.

The award was provided to the bank because the bank has utilized the human organization with full satisfaction with a convenient and easy way of working. According to the growth seller, the award was provided on the basis of the excellent experience of employees towards the bank.

Professor Dr. Subash kc was kept in the judgmental position for the selection of the award. The same selection committee decided to give the ‘Excellence in employee’ award to the bank.

The award was given to the bank on the basis of employees’ transactions and their trust and experience towards the bank and also because the human organization was also used appropriately by the bank.

The employee of each and every branch are satisfied with the culture, services, and facility provided by the bank. Even in between the corona crisis Nabil bank provided a bonus equivalent to seven months.

Nabil bank has even given birth to star bankers. More than one thousand one hundred and twenty-eight employees are permanently working on the bank.

Before this, the Nabil bank was continuously awarded for the second time for Nepal’s excellent bank by the prestigious newspaper Euromani of London.

The bank has provides its services to its customers since 1984. There are 119 branches,185 ATMs, and more than 1500 Nabil remit agents. Nabil Bank has played a vital role to give the best services in the banking sector.

According to Head- Liability Management & Corporate Communication, Krishna Subedi, “Nabil bank has been working as an important part in the development of banking history”.


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