By Anushuiya Thapa

With Microsoft peaking up its attribute branch of devices, it is bound to release one after other. With Windows 10 out and about, Microsoft plans to launch Surface Pro 4 to the awaited audiences. Each Surface Pro released are improved than the one they succeeded, so one can curl their toe in anticipation. Trying to outwit Apple’s iPad, Microsoft has created a tablet which can replace your laptops.

One of the most eager-wait of this particular device ends by the end of 2015. This year seems to get everyone antsy. The exact release date is yet to be decided but the launch of this device is expected to be during sometime in October.

The Surface Pro 4 is light weighted, large screened as Surface Pro 3 with 12 inches. But it is rumored to be released in two different variation of screen size – 12 inches and 14 inches. It will consist of Intel’s Core M Broadwell chip, newly launched Skylake processor along with Windows 10.

But it is still in debate whether Microsoft will choose to use Intel’s Core M processor or Core i5 or i7. The processor might be in question but it is of more prominence that the tablet will pick Skylake chips. The skylake chips are apparently joined endeavor of Iris and Iris Pro graphics. This leads to an upgrade in a better 3D gaming experience. Skylake will also be used for the functioning of Cortana fully. The storage capacity of this tablet is similar to that of Surface Pro 3 which is 64GB upto 500GB. It is estimated that the tablet is fanless. Thus, creating small holes for the flow of heat radiation.

One of the prominent feature apart from this is the sensitive stylus brought to us which is Microsoft’s purchase on N-Trig, a startup which develops touch screens and styluses, which they bought from Israel-based Company. It is also claimed that the Microsoft edge browser will come with in-built handwriting facility.

One of the most anticipated release of Microsoft this year has kept everyone on stand but hopefully the wait will be worth it.