8th July 2020, Kathmandu

TATOMITHO started with a professional team keeping a different kind of a Mission in their minds. They Started with Kathmandu and Lalitpur accommodating almost all classes of restaurants. They carried out a goal-filled target just to ensure every common man/women in Nepal has to get facilitated with an online food delivery system, So they managed from a small restaurant to a class restaurant, and they do not charge any extra charges no matter where the delivery is scheduled for. They do not even ask for a minimum order value too, Taking from a single roti to a luxurious dinner, a only platform is TATOMITHO which helps Nepal’s every single Common man to enjoy a one-time meal without budget hassles or distance hassles sitting where ever he/she is . Especially during this tough time of COVID-19 they have served many needy providing food to their doorstep with all the extra precautions as per customers own need of hunger and especially as per the customer’s wallet.

Reason Why TatoMitho Is Different From Other Online Food Delivery Companies

Busy schedules have created a need and ultimately increased the demand for online delivery options. With a few selections/clicks, customers can place a food order and have their meal delivered to their doorstep FREEE….Get Food Delivered For Free

It’s simple and allows everyone to have minimal contact with the restaurant if they are trying to adhere to their busy schedule. Viewing the menu online enables the customers /clients to stay within a required budget as they know exactly what they want to spend and we do it without any Minimal Basket System.No Minimum Order


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