Tax Caused The Ncell Communication To Become Expensive

Internet Tax Caused the Ncell Communication to become expensive

The rise in tax on telecommunication caused Ncell communication to become expensive. Ncell is a mobile network operator in Nepal which everyone is well -known it.  Ncell is already famous as the most expensive mobile operator, and recently Ncell has adjusted the value of all its service from Tuesday. According to the company, the telecommunication fee will be applied according to the recent increase in the telecommunication service.

Ncell states that they have only implemented the tax rate without taxing the pre-tax price. In this process of applying a new tax rate, Ncell has not made changes in the price before coming to various services. Even though Ncell has increased the amount of its telecommunication, the company has promised to come up with new plans for the data and the voice packs in Ncell.

According to the company, the telecom service fee and the adjusted price, including the tax will be implemented from Tuesday. The Government announced that under contemporary tax act and from the budget statement of the year 2075/76, more than 11% of the service tax had been charged for voice texts and other telecommunication services whereas 13% of the service fee has been accused to the internet services from cellular data.

The use of internet services has increased to 63% in Nepal, and a lot of them use data to access the internet. The increase in the service fee of the internet service might harm a lot of internet users in Nepal and may also decline the population of Nepalese using internet.

Ncell has come up with new schemes like daily, three days, weekly and monthly data packages with additional data volume and similarly the company has also come up with the similar system for its voice services with daily, three days, weekly, monthly, daily and even unlimited voice packs.

Under the new data plan, Ncell has also brought additional attractive packages to provide additional cost of charge for their customers. In the daily pack, the customers get to buy 35 MB data in just 9 Rupees, and the customers with the regular package also get the additional 35 MB data for free of charge as reported by the company. These schemes enrolled by Ncell might come in handy as it is not quite expensive if bought in a regular pack.


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