Cost Of Internet Use To Rise In Nepal, What Do You Think About It?

Cost of Internet rise in Nepal

Did you get text message regarding the increase of charges from your ISP? What do you think about it?

Facebook Status about Cost of the Internet in Nepal


Our govt. Needs to redefine what luxury is compared to what is a basic necessity! Stay put; the internet is a necessity; it enables people to share knowledge, allows people to have access to finance and information. Reduction of digital divide automatically manifests into a more equitable society.

While the next hockey stick growth is likely to leverage on the penetration of the fifth generation internet networks along with the ubiquity of data, taxing the internet services is not only a terrible idea, but also a disrespect to the global entrepreneurs, scientists and inventors, who everyday make tireless efforts to bring this marvel of human ingenuity to everyone. Co-Founder/CEO at Tootle, Sixit Bhatta

It’s strange how we are moving back in time rather than being progressive. We have been preaching that the future is in technology and still we are raising taxes for that one thing that keeps us connected to the world and the changes occurring all around. This is the age of IOT, and here we are- raising taxes for the internet service that makes IOT possible: Absurdity in policies. Rajesh Paneru

 Exactly, while other countries have been making internet cheaper, more accessible and inclusive, here we are increasing taxes on what is the most quintessential human necessity. Digital Marketing Lead at Technorati’s, Rajat Acharya

Internet today is being treated in the same category as cigarette and alcohol. Royalties and taxes together constitute more than 35% of the tariff. With the increase in minimum wages, dollar rate, fuel prices, etc.

May further increase the amount of the internet. With the surge in price, there is a considerable doubt that the government has achieved its penetration goals by 2020. Nepal has the highest taxation in internet services in South East Asia India, Pakistan, and Bhutan around 18% vis-a-vis 35% in Nepal. It is need a sad moment for the country. Works at Vianet Communications Pvt. Ltd., Sewa Pathak

 It seems as Government of Nepal is converting in constitutional bluff master. The tax based economy is what they focus on rather than the global context of developing entrepreneurs ecosystem to boost job creator. Founder & Managing Director at Appan Television, Navin Shah


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