You may have thought about all those Techs that are changing everyday so that they can be an ease to humans and their daily routines.

What you may have not thought about is they could come in any form that we could not imagine. Could you believe that a patch of gold on your temple could read your inner thoughts and feeling.

It’s like it has changed your body itself into a Computer. This tech is named as bio stamp developed by Professor John Roger.

This Tech which is a flexible and miniature sensor and attached to the temple could track the brainwaves signal in real time and transmit them as messages.

This has not only brought revolution in the field of tech but also in the medical field as this process of tracking brainwaves was quite difficult in the past whereas such technology can create a new era for medical approach.

They have been giving more focus on the medical applications of the tech whereas it can have a greater use and value in the near future. As this wearable tech are improving day by day, the medical field is quite benefited because of the ease of application.

This Tech is able to pick signal anytime and anywhere and it is made to collect signals more accurately. The brain is the just the latest target as it has also been used for different parts to monitor heartbeat, temperature and other vital signal.

Different companies like Reebok, L’Oreal have also been using them for improving their products. Even US military have adapted it so that they can know the condition of their soldiers.

These types of devices are also known as bio compatible devices as they perform their actions with ease and even acting like the part of the body itself.

These devices are also being tested inside the body and in the near future will be able to perform tasks that is generally performed by the medical department. As they have a high risk, the tests have just been limited on the rodents.