Tech For Babies

If you are a parent of any kid you might have understood how hard it is to get a good night sleep while constantly monitoring your kid throughout the night. If the same worry that your kid could get into some problems during the night is keeping you up, you must be happy about to learn about this new start-up that is going to help tired parents monitor their kids with the help of wearable technologies.

A Boston based company called Rest devices is have designed a tech-enabled onesie which tracks babies’ breathing, body movements, sleep patterns, and quality and transmits that information in real time to a smartphone app.

The tech also features a hard plastic shell on the onesie, into which you snap a plastic turtle-shaped device which has been produced by a 3-D printer at Rest Leather District headquarters. The turtle is blue-tooth enabled and consists of the temperature and movement sensors which collect and transmit data to the app.

The parents will have the control to customize the setting depending upon the age of the baby and what milestones have they crossed in their sleep management. They will also be able to log the collected data from night to night on a website.

The device also alerts the parents if the baby rolls over or awakens. So, it might turn out to be quite helpful for parents to monitor their child in the night without getting tired.

This product will be made available in the market through Rest Devices official website and