3rd October 2015, Kathmandu

eCommerce Business Practices and Trend in Nepal, Online shopping platform and trend, how, eCommerce in Nepal, Current eCommerce Practice, the recommendation for eCommerce business. The  1st series of First Sunday- a monthly Tech Talk organized by the CAN Federation and facilitated by the Research and Development Committee.

This October 2015 series of Tech Talk on 4th of October, 2015 (Sunday) is on “e-Commerce Ecosystem in Nepal.” The key speakers of the Tech Talk are:

Amrit Tuladhar:

Amrit Tuladhar is the founder and CEO of muncha.com. He has been leading this pioneer e-commerce company based in Nepal for 16+ years since 1999. Muncha.com is an online retail shop (www.shop.muncha.com), also an Online remittance site (www.money.muncha.com), also a payment gateway (www.iPay.com.np), even a Bazar(www.bazar.com.np) and also music, video, ebooks, games, business directory and aggregation and what not… Amrit, after completing his MBA degree from Marshal University, the USA and his undergraduate degree from Berea College in Business worked for the Himalayan Bank for almost five years in Nepal before starting his journey in the e-commerce ecosystem in Nepal. Insights on how to pioneer and keep pioneering could be our take away from the talk.

Manohar Adhikari:

Manohar Adhikari is the founder and CEO of foodmandu.com. An e-company which welcomes its customer with a pleasant photo of momos and other delicacy and with a punch line “What are you hungry for?”. It has been serving hot and delicious food at your doorstep from more than 100 different restaurants in Kathmandu since 2011. From figuring out how to keep food warm, identifying the correct address(s), follow the business specialized yet simple, juggle between the virtual presence and on the fly real-time ground operations are some of the insights could be our take away from the talk.

  • A Happy or a difficult customer in the e-Commerce ecosystem in Nepal
  • Special Guest speaker associated with the e-Commerce ecosystem in Nepal.

Program Highlights:

Discussion on the current trends, challenges and opportunities in the field of e-Commence in Nepal Sharing of experiences from the champions of the e-commerce practices in Nepal.

Program Details:
Venue: CAN Federation Secretariat Office, | Khushibu, Naya Bazar, Kathmandu, Nepal
Date: Sunday, 04th October 2015 / Asoj 17, 2072
Time : 3:45 PM-5:15 PM (90 Minutes session)

Location Map: Kindly refer to the location map attached herewith the Invitation email.