Tell about yourself.

I am Kumar Pudashine highly motivated, performance driven Information and Communication Technologies graduate from Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok specialized in Communication Service and Networks with a core competence. Currently, I am working as a Communication and Network Security Expert at the Agricultural Development Bank for Core Banking System Project. Apart from this, I also work as a visiting faculty at Institute of Engineering, Pulchowk Campus and Nepal College of Information Technology for Graduate and Undergraduate programs. I teach Advanced Switching and Routing for Enterprise Networks, Network Security, Data Communication and Computer Networks.

Why National ICT Club is started?

National ICT Club is started to help and educate society to use Information and Communication technologies as a tool to enhance the socio economic standard of the people and society.

What are the objectives of National ICT Club?

The main objective of National ICT Club is to bridge the gap of real world industry and academics.

Why do you think you fit the Vice President of National ICT Club? What are your Skills?

The multicultural and multinational leadership skills that I have learned from the Asian Institute of Technology will help me to act in a critical position of National ICT club. My motivational skills toward technology management will help me to coordinate with my entire team of National ICT Club since I am a researcher of Information Security and Communication Service Networks. I have a core competence in Information Security and Communication Service Networks.

What are the most critical inputs you can bring to this Club?

I along with my team of National ICT club will help society by creating a chain reaction in the Information and Communication domain.

The new model of creating chain reaction will be my most critical input that I can bring to this club.

Are you a team player?

Yes, I am a team player. My leadership skills towards informal communication will help to motivate young and creative minds.

How do you handle differences between your teammates?

Diversity among team members is always expected but due to this conflict among teammates may occur. To deal with differences, I will try to determine the cause of the conflict and encourage communication within the team members in a positive manner that does not accuse or blame others. I will also try to deploy role playing strategy as it is a useful tool for getting teammates to talk and see the other’s point of view.

How will you handle difficulties?

I will try to handle stressful situation and difficulties in a rational way by communicating and coordinating among teammates.

Does a leader need power or authority? How do you influence people?

To influence somebody to do something power is required whereas authority refers to a claim of legitimacy, the justification and right to exercise power. In my point of view, power should be used with equal authority. I can influence people through motivation and their involvement in every events and activity. The teammates should be made responsible and accountable for every business to make them affected. Technology Leadership and ICT Use: Strategies for Capacity Building for ICT integration.

How do you keep each member of the team involved and motivated?

To keep each member of the team involved and motivated, I will make each group members active by providing the task that they are interested and specialized on. I will work as an agile team player to motivate the team members.

How open-minded are you to other member’s idea?

I am always open-minded. I still respect the ideas of other team members.

On what criteria do you judge your success as a Vice President?

I will be only success if I can create a chain reaction among young enthusiastic minds to use Information and Communication Technologies as a value in a society to enhance the socio economic standards of people.

How selective are you while buying gadgets?

As a technocrat, I used to select gadgets based on total user experience and the latest state of the art features and functions.

How can students improve their chances of success in the field?

My Protocol

When I Hear => I Forget

When I See => I remember

When I Do => I understand

So I request every student to do to understand the value of any system and technology.

Do you have anything to share with your fans through ICT FRAME?

According to Thomas L. Friedman, the world is flat, and the global economic plane is being labeled. We are living in Globalized Version 3.0. A positive attitude is required so that every incredible event is always Possible with a perception of I M Possible.