Telecom Operators In Nepal Donating On COVID-19 Relief Fund

Telecom Operators In Nepal Donating On COVID-19 Relief Fund

04 April 2020 Kathmandu

Telecom Companies in Nepal Donating On Nepal Government’s COVID-19 Relief Fund. After the lockdown, people are relying on the internet for their dose of information. Communication has become essential to converse with friends and family members. There has been a massive increase in usage of internet data. And the Nepal Telecoms are not just taking benefits out of this but providing what they can to help their customers. They have been helping their customers in various ways during this pandemic. Continuing the normal conversation services and also providing a bonus for every recharge they are showing us that they are there to help the people during the pandemic.

Not weeks ago these companies decided to provide a bonus to their customers during the recharge, now they are donating sums to Coronavirus relief funds.

Nepal Telecom

Government-owned company, NTC has contributed a sum of 12 crores to the fund. The company donates 10 crores from its own account and remaining 2 crores are contributed by the employees of the company. The Managing Director of Nepal Telecom, Mr Dilliram Adhikari handed over the cheque of 12 crores to the Secretary of the Prime Minister’s office during a conference held in presence of the Prime Minister. Donation from Nepal Telecom is not surprising as they have been donating to the Nepal Government several times. They also donated 28Cr in disaster relief funds to the victims of the earthquake.

In the small ceremony held in the PM office, Minister for Communication and information technology Mr Yubaraj Khatiwoda and Minister of Industry, Commerce, and Supplies Mr Lekhraj Bhatta expressed their appreciation to the company. Nepal Telecom board member Radhika Aryal and Company Secretary, Mrs Shailaja Rai were also present in the ceremony.


Ncell a few days ago, contributed an amount of 10 crores in the same fund. These telecoms donations to the fund have been really helpful to the country. Being a private company Ncell has been donating for the country welfare on many occasions.

Several companies and governmental bodies are offering help to the nation. The common goal is to control the coronavirus pandemic which can be disastrous to Nepal.


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