NTA Frequency Strategy

8th July 2021, Kathmandu

Nepal Telecommunications Authority is the telecommunications regulatory body of Nepal.

It is an autonomous body established in Feb 1998 in accordance with the Telecommunications Act, 1997 and Telecommunications Regulation, 1998.

The NTA is responsible for regulating all matters related to telecommunications of Nepal.

The Telecommunication Authority of Nepal (TAN) has prepared the criteria and procedure for the documents required for permission to test the FiveG service.

The committee formed under the convener of NTA Director Amber Sthapit has clarified the documents and procedures required for the 5G service and mentioned allowing the FiveG accordingly.

The report submitted by the committee to the NTA management recently has clarified the documents to be submitted to the regulator while applying for the 5G test.

The committee has prepared ‘Procedure for Operation FiveG’.

NTA director Amber Sthapit said that the telecom companies will be allowed to test the FiveG network in the coming days only on the basis of the same process and necessary documents.

The company has only clarified the guidelines and procedures for companies applying for the FiveG test.

Accordingly, the companies will have to complete the paperwork and process.

Nepal Telecom will also have to follow this process. But the application submitted by the company earlier will be considered as following the same procedure.

‘Even if Nepal Telecom has already applied, the company will have to follow the new procedure and provide the documents that have not been received as per the procedure.

Then only there will there be other technical decisions.

Earlier, the telecom had applied to the NTA seeking permission to test the 5G service.

In which the company has mentioned that it wants to test FiveG service in urban and rural areas.

Telecom has informed that it has tried to test FiveG in 700 or 800 MHz bands and 2600 MHz bands.

As soon as the company applied for permission, NTA formed a working group to study and give suggestions.

The same team has submitted suggestions along with working procedures.

Now, the telecom will have to follow the same procedure and complete the steps of the application process and only then the authority will allow the test.

NTA has stated that Nepal Telecom can be allowed to conduct the test by end of if all these procedures are completed.


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