The Best Windows 5 Universal Apps of 2017

Windows has apps and an app store. You purchased a new Windows 10 PC, set it up, and you’re now looking for some great apps to get you started. Here are the apps that u must have in windows 10.
It’s a simple but amazing piece of software that modifies the lightning of your monitor to better reflect your surroundings. This will help relieve eye strain, prevent headaches from late night gaming sessions and it’ll also help you get to sleep easier.

Spotify, an amazing music service that allows you to play millions of songs on the go. Depending on the device you have, there might be a subscription fee that you can pay to get music on the go every month. This subscription allows you to create playlists, listen to songs and also have a backup of all your playlists on all of the registered devices. Mobile devices have the same concept to it but instead, you have to pay. You do need an account for the download but it’s worth it
My Lock Box:
A free program that “locks away” your data until unlocked with a password that you set. It’s very easy to use and it will hide your folders from unwanted guests. It is the best app to hide your apps so no one can private apps and file.
Pot Player:
PotPlayer is a good alternative to first party media players. The stable build has a large variety of supported formats and the quality of playback is excellent for both video and audio. There are a lot of free third-party media player and Pot Player is another great option for both video and music playback

Wunder list:
A brand new Wunderlist for all Phone and Pc. With a new design that is simpler, more lightweight and intuitive than ever before and some smart productivity-boosting features, you’ll be ticking off your to-dos in no time. Wunderlist is a great task management app that will help you maximize your productivity and keep your life organized.


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