Bowers and Wilkins released a new P5 wireless headphone which gives an awesome audio quality with apt X wireless Bluetooth technology v4.1. This device is completely wireless and weighs about 20 grams. Having the battery life of 17 hours, universal compatibility the drivers and materials of P5 that won awards, this device only costs 399.90 pounds. The drivers in this device are compatible with those that in a Hi-Fi speakers and this device comes up with a more precise control movement. The three button controls that are available in the right cup are used for pausing, skipping tracks and taking phine calls. This headset is tuned by the same tuning team that tuned the slag ship 800 speakers and designed this headset to deliver same audio quality as the award winning P5 series 2 model. With the help to apt X this P5 wireless provides the streaming Hi-Fi quality music from whether smartphone, computer or tablet. 
The USB cable allows the headset to be charged directly from the laptop. The removable ear pads can quickly be plugged in the backup cable that is already present if needed. The P5 Wireless can be kept safe inside the luxury case when not used. It also has some drawbacks such as the Bluetooth network gets flaky sometimes, the control feeling buttons give somehow a cheap feeling, it is slightly uncomfortable when wearing glasses and this headset is pretty expensive.