The Craziest and Funniest Videos, Facetube

Every day, we can see a lot of funny and exciting videos being uploaded on Facebook. However, saving our preferred videos on our mobile phones might have been quite difficult for most of us.

To download the videos uploaded by ourselves on our mobiles, we need to go to the photos/albums section of the Facebook page. And then we’ll have to select the video to be downloaded. A button named ‘option’ pops up beneath the own video. After clicking on it, the choices ‘Download HD’ or ‘Download SD’ appear there. Now, we can download our preferred videos in our chosen quality, HD or SD.

However, a different method is required for downloading videos uploaded by other friends. For this, we need to ‘play’ the video to be downloaded on Facebook. Then, we’ll have to select the link of that video in the address bar. The ‘www’ written in the address bar must be replaced by’ which leads to the Facebook mobile page in the newly formed URL.

After the new page is opened, we must click the icon ‘options’ and then right click on the video. After that, one of the choices ‘save video as’, ‘save target as’ or ‘save link as’ appears there. We can then save the video in the desired destination in our mobile phones.