‘Hamro Hospital ‘ is now available on the Google play store, An app that offers medical convenience through Smart Phones.

 HamroHospital: The inception of making an app kick-started from Ncell’s App Camp 2015, where we got the opportunity to compete for among-st 700+ participants from all around Nepal and be selected as the top 6 finalists in the Health Category. It was a fantastic journey, and today, Hamro Hospital is proudly available to all, free on Google Play Store.

The Internet is becoming dominant in everyone’s life and is almost available everywhere, why not make it productive to take care of ourselves and build convenience in healthy living? Why delay an important routine health checkup over the problems of waiting in line? Smart Phones are everywhere; putting up a physical store is not essential for us; we are already available in everyone’s palm.

Hamro Hospital brings together technology and Medical Care and gives its users a One-Stop Destination to find Doctors and Hospitals, Make Online Ad Hoc Appointments, gives them access to Emergency Contacts. Along with it, extra add-on features of notification on medicine intakes and health news updates. All of it available 24 X 7, Online.

Hamro Hospital’s sole goal is to provide its users, the perfect health care solution.


Hamro Hospital is an android based mobile application that provides detail information about hospitals, doctors with the feature of making an online appointment. Additionally, this app offers a little bit of personal touch to our user by notifications, alarm facilities before the medicines intake time and before the medicines run’s out. It allows patients to look at the available slots and book an appointment when required. Hamro Hospital helps patients to store their medical records and associated history digitally.

Hamro hospital is a one-stop destination for patients to find Doctors and Hospitals. It is an integrated mobile health application with over 500+ doctors and over 100+ Hospitals. It provides quick access to Offline Emergency Contacts (Ambulance, Funeral Vehicle, Blood Bank). Hamro Hospital provides an easy user interface along with the user profile which records the appointment activities. Overall it is the app that aims to create the most efficient healthcare experience for the patients.

Talking about Hamro Hospital app, this app was selected among 728 app ideas which were organized by Ncell as” NCELL APP CAMP 2015 “and was chosen as one of the Final Nominee in HEALTH category.

Features of “Hamro Hospital” App

  1. Provides detail information about Hospitals and Doctors
  2. Search nearby Hospitals and Doctor
  3. Search Doctor as per their Specialization
  4. Online Appointment facility
  5. Access to past Medical Report History as saved by the User
  6. Quick Access to Emergency Contact numbers.
  7. Premium* and Regular Appointment
  8. It comes equipped with an alarm service for appointment reminders as well as medicine intake time notifications.

* Premium appointment service provides faster doctor consultant service with extra payment according to Hospital Rules.

Main benefits of the application

     I.            Hospital’s perspective

  1. It helps in the better advancement and service of the Healthcare sector.
  2. This system increases patient satisfaction and thus enhances the Hospital’s reputation.
  3. It helps reduce the strain on the Administration of Healthcare by managing the appointments for the patients.
  4. This system helps in the management of the crowd of waiting patients.
  5. If there are any changes in the schedule, then the hospital can notify their patients and reschedule the time without losing their valuable patient.
  6. The hospital can use this platform to promote their packages and any new services.
  7. The premium option can double the payment of a patient’s service.

   II.            Patient’s perspective

  1. The patient gets quick information about hospitals and their doctors.
  2. It saves the valuable time of the patients by taking appointment online and not have to wait in the queue.
  3. Patients can search for nearby Hospitals in their locality.
  4. Reminder service creates convenience for remembering appointment schedules and medicine intake time.
  5. If a doctor is willing to share his/her availability, the coverage will not only be based on hospitals but also a doctor’s clinic.
  6. Patients will be priory noticed and updated if there is any delay in the appointment to their doctors.
  7. The patient can save their reports in their profile which can be accessible at any time and they should not remember taking the report files along with them.

Beetechsolution, a web and mobile development company founded in 2015 develop the HamroHospital app with the team of young and energetic software developers in Nepal.

If you would like to know further information, please feel free to Visit at www.hamrohospital.com