Light the US based startup company has announced its L16 camera which is a portable device that is packed with 16 different cameras, among them 10 can capture an image at the same time at different focal lengths. The resultant photo is a composition of all the individual images combined with a final resolution of up to 52 MP. The earlier prototype of this device was announced on April 2015. 
According to Light, L16 is a portable camera that gives amazing low-light performance and DSLR equivalent image quality. The camera has a 5″ touch display on its back, 4K video recording, equivalent focal lengths between 35mm and 150mm and depth-mapping technology to adjust a photo’s depth of field and focus after it has been captured. It aslo includes other features like Wi-Fi,an IP54 water and dust resistance, integrated GPS and an accelerometer, support for a standard 1/4″-20 tripod mount, HDR capture and a dual-tone LED flash.
The full list of features has not been shared by the company however the improved model is scheduled to be launched in the middle of 2016.