After three years, Apple has finalized the Apple TV with its features which have never seen on the device. Apple describes that the company is reinventing TV to fit the viewing habit which has been changed.

Apple has claimed to revolutionize faced to technology where we feel the need to point out the nonactual things about the new stuff.

It is expected that the new Apple TV will be a perfect media streamer. Its previous iteration has continuously received the excellent review and the Apple must extremely polished, interface and attractive hardware. There is a chance to get high marks for new Apple TV to fight once again. It does not have a fight against other media hub which is the most high end connected HDTV on the marker. It is playing catch-up not revolutionizing anything.

Apple TV has a based media hub had its inception. Cupertino joins Amazon fire TV’s store and the Roku channel which offers some measures beyond a tiny list of online services. It has the most connected HDTV platform having its apps store. It’s an essential step which keeps Apple TV remotely.

Apple TV has also provided the gaming facilities. This is the first time  Android services to do it. The Nvidia shield Android TV is impressive. It can stream compatible PCs and beefier selection of hardcore games.

The Sony play station TV is a better micro console for games with its actual media features which leave of barely changed play station vita interface. It has a portable play station with PS One classic games natively which helps stream and play station four from a system on the same network. Its the price is less than the amount of Apple TV. You can easily find it in only for $40.

Gaming mainly focused on the device.

Apple TV has search voice. Apple TV has probably a good media hub with its new features on the same level as a device like Amazon Fire TV and Roku 3. The fire TV and Roku 3 are two-thirds of the original Apple TV price.