The Youngest Candidate Of CAN Election 2019, Vote For Niranjan Patel

can election 2019 Niranjan Patel

November 15, 2019, Kathmandu, Nepal

It’s my privilege to be part of this year’s election of CAN, where there is involvement of professionals, specialists, institutions, and related organizations from the Information Communication Technology sector in Nepal. It is an umbrella organization with a membership base ranging from ICT Institutions, Associations to Individuals working in this sector. CAN Federation work along with the lines of an independent, non-political, non-profitable, and service-oriented sector of ICT.

As I am the youngest candidate for this post ever in CAN’s election, my priority is to work for the youths of this nation. I have worked in different organizations and involved in various organizations where I advocate for the youths. If I get the chance to serve this organization, then I will work to create effective channels of cooperation, dialogue, and information exchange among young people.

Young people are potential beneficiaries of increased access to ICT, in particular through improvements in education and social development. So, I will be the representative of those youths and become the voice of them. Furthermore, young people play an essential role in the development of the Information Society, through their ability to learn to use and develop ICT and its applications. If I win, I will definitely do some contribution to the easy access of technology to the youths of our country.

Since I am a digital marketing specialist, I have worked with many people in different organizations. In the process, I came to know that there is a generation gap between the youths and veterans in the field of ICT. If elected, I will be the bridge between these divided groups.

On the other hand, being a youngest candidate, I want all the voters, either young or old to give me an opportunity to serve this organization and I will assure you that I will be entirely devoted to achieving the goal of this organization through coordination with the youths of this organization as well as the youths outside this organization and old people.

At last, I would like to say that I care about your interests and your voice. I care about making sure opportunities in this organization are as equally distributed as possible for every one of us. Come share your ideas, and I will make them happen.

Candidate Name: Niranjan Patel (Central Executive Candidate 2019 From Institutional Member)


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