Ncell Axiata Group Brings All-Net Voice Pack At Affordable Rate

Ncell Brings New Voice Packs at More Affordable Tariffs

November 15, 2019, Kathmandu, Nepal

Ncell has introduced a brand-new offer targeting the prepaid mobile users of the company. The customers can make free voice calls with their close ones in all networks all over the country. The offer that is being provided by Ncell is known as an all-net offer in voice pack in telecommunication terms.

The true meaning of this offer is that it includes all the operator’s numbers. The All net service will be applicable for SMS and voice services and with this Ncell users can call other local telecom operator’s customers at ease. The voice calls made via the all-net voice pack will cost about Rs. 1 per minute (Exclusive of taxes). The service was initiated from Tuesday, November 12th, 2019.

There are basically two types of phone calls, namely the on-net and off-net. The two terms have easy to understand meanings. An on-net call is a call between two numbers belonging to the same network operator. An off-net call is one that is made between two numbers belonging to two different network operators. All net service consists of both on-net and off-net call and hence calls from one network operator can be sent to another operator’s number at a cheaper rate.

The rate of the call per minute from Ncell to another network is Rs. 1.99, without tax. So, all net services will reduce tariffs and make the service more accessible.

To activate the Ncell all-time voice pack dial *17118*7#. The voice pack will stay active for 24 hours and you can use it to call numbers from any network operator at a cheaper rate. The company has made the all net voice pack available till 9th February 2020.


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