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25th January 2022, Kathmandu

Every new year brings a new set of keywords, search trends, technological advancements, and digital marketing opportunities. However, before we begin preparing for the twists and turns that 2023 will undoubtedly throw at us.

Let us take a moment to reflect on the year that has passed to see what we can learn.

While there are numerous alternative search engines available to users today, Google still holds approximately 96% of the total market share. As a result, Google is not only the most dominant search engine. But also one of the best tools marketers have for understanding what people are searching for.

More importantly, it enables us to comprehend how they are searching.

What Are the Top Searches on Google for 2022?

Based on data from the online analytics service Similarweb. Here is a list of the top ten most searched words on Google worldwide, in terms of volume:

# Search Term Monthly Volume Yearly Traffic Organic Paid Traffic Leader
1 youtube 481.5M 3B 2.9B 76.8M
2 facebook 369.0M 1.8B 1.7B 50.6M
3 translate 211.8M 22.8M 22.8M 0
4 pornhub 204.3M 208.9M 208.9M 0
5 weather 199.7M 56.3M 51.1M 5.1M
6 amazon 187.3M 513.3M 374.6M 141.7M
7 google translate 160.4M 40.3M 40.3M 0
8 gmail 159.2M 235.2M 233.9M 1.2M
9 WhatsApp web 141.1M 1.6B 1.6B 0
10 traductor 141.0M 18.9M 18.9M 0

Furthermore, it demonstrates how news events can influence trending searches. Here are the top ten Google trends worldwide, as measured by percent traffic increase:

# Search Term Traffic Growth Monthly Volume Traffic Leader
1 amazon prime day 6,747% 86.98K
2 саня во флориде 6,422% 32.21K
3 amtrak 6,013% 1.3M
4 トップガン 5,320% 215.11K
5 liam payne 5,057% 773.26K
6 the summer I turned pretty 4,982% 841.44K
7 luva de pedreiro 4,760% 248.33K/td>
8 hustle 4,643% 797.67K
9 us map 4,427% 1.4M
10 wimbledon 4,351% 4.5M


The Top Google Search Trends for 2022 and 2021

It’s worth noting how the top Google searches in 2022 differ (or don’t) from those in 2021. This article from Digital Information World breaks down Similar web’s top Google Searches for 2021. We can make a few interesting observations by comparing that information to the data in the tables above.

To begin, “youtube” and “Facebook” were and continue to be the most searched words on Google, with the former maintaining a significant lead over the latter. Meanwhile, “WhatsApp web” fell to ninth place this year, and several other search terms vanished entirely from the top ten: “Netflix,” “Roblox,” “zoom,” and so on.

This decrease in the “Roblox” search volume reflects a shift in cultural trends. With the popular online video game taking a back seat to more practical concerns. This also appears to reflect global news events, with international conflicts and relations driving an increase in searches for translation applications (as evidenced by terms like “translate,” “google translate,” and “tractor” now appearing in the top ten).

Another entertainment-related search term that has declined in popularity is “Netflix,” which is understandable given that the service has lost a record number of subscribers to growing competitors like Disney+, HBO Max, Prime Video, and Hulu.

It’s also not surprising that “zoom” has lost searchers, given how popular the video-calling app was during the Covid-19 quarantines. Now that the quarantines have been lifted. Vaccination rates have increased, and life has returned to normalcy, it appears that fewer people require Zoom.

Lessons from the Top Google Searches in 2022

It’s never too early to start planning a 2023 digital marketing strategy. That being said, it is also beneficial to look back in addition to forward. Analyzing the top Google searches in 2022 is a good way to see what current trends look like, which can help us calibrate our expectations for the future.


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