Third National Astronomy Olympiad Programs In Nepal, NASO

The National Astronomy Olympiad Program is a national educational program designed by Nepal Astronomical Society (NASO) and ESPRO Foundation to encourage Nepalese students who pursue further studies in Physics, Maths, Astronomy & Space Science.

Vision: School students will be empowered to recognize and comprehend the celestial objects inhabiting our universe and their association with the evolution and preservation of our lives on earth thereby dispelling superstitious beliefs of their influences prevailing in our society.

Mission: School students will be trained to be abundantly versed with astronomy for logically convincing and communicating with any member of local or international society on the importance and indispensability of cosmic entities dwelling in our universe.

Goal: Our goal is to impart school students with sufficient knowledge of basic astronomy to recognize and understand the heavenly entities for enabling them to participate in annual international astronomy Olympiad successfully.

Objective: School Students will be selected, prepared, facilitated and qualified for their successful participation in annual international astronomy Olympiad.

The Third National Astronomy Olympiad 2016 (NAO2016) will be held in Nepal during January-June, 2016. Click here to download the handbook of NAO2016 for complete information about the program.

Application forms are available at:

Kathmandu Valley – Nepal Astronomical Society (01-4110344)
Biratnagar- Mr. Gopal Niraula (9842369861 or 01-4110344)
Birgunj- Mr. Milan Rai (9845409422 or 01-4110344)
Chitwan- Mr. HC Regan Babu Bhatta (9855062676 or 01-4110344)
Pokhara- Mr. Sushant Dwa (9815152177 or 061-522220 or 01-4110344))

For more Information: