Perhaps there is rare to find a single person who not wants to entertain themselves through Film and videos. Everyone loves entertainment, and I am also a big fan of film and videos.  There are many companies in Nepal which provide film editing, video editing, and file composing and 2D 3D animations facilities. Besides they also offer a full range of filming services to film editing studios as well as individuals. Not only this, but you can even get high-quality TV series or a documentary video or a feature film at a nominal price. So you need not to have to look for foreign countries or companies to do that.

Besides, many of the company established in Nepal are specialized in pre and post-production of Digital Footages HD and SD. They also use the state of art, technology including the latest editing system. Besides this, they are too specialized on a feature film (movies), quality commercials, documentaries, music video events, videography, etc. Not only this, they provide a variety of digital film and video production and encoding services like CD DVD DV HDV HD duplication services. For this purpose, they can use many Film and Video production equipment like

Sony DSR450WSP Camcorder

6600E4 kW-5 kW Generator for electric power


Aluminum Reflectors


1000 watt Open Faced Light

HMI Light

Jib Arm

Solar (2000 studio light)

Steadycam etc.

They can also provide post-production services to their customers, where pictures are converted into motion images with the help of video editing software called FCP. Besides you can even get many facilities like Footage editing with FCP, Voice cover, studio-based sound recording,  editing with the soundtrack, music, stock, composing, many CD writing, etc.

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