TikTok Adds New Features

12th April 2021, Kathmandu

TikTok – a video sharing platform is adding new features to the app. TikTok never slows down. It always comes up with new features. The new features are a music-themed filter.

One of these filters is music visualize which is real-time beat tracking software that will animate the filter to the beat of a song.

It can be accessed via TikTok’s Creative Effects Tray in the Music tab. It turns the sky into a purple background with several different planets.

If you enjoy synth-wave, this feature is also available in the music-themed filter.

In addition to this, TikTok will add five more music-themed filters. One of those filters allows you to synchronize the still image with the bit.

Likewise, another filter will allow you to include animated text in the video transition.

Furthermore, the Music Machine filter will allow you to create your own song using drum beats and other sounds. There is also a BPM slider and five one-shot effects.


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