The Youth Speak Forum of AIESEC NEPAL

May 29, 2020, Kathmandu

YouthSpeak Survey, run by AIESEC (world’s largest youth-led organization), is a global insight survey aiming to bring the collective voice of youth to different stakeholders that make decisions affecting young people. This survey gives young people a space to voice their opinions on key challenges, hopes, and ambitions, so the world we all want to see in 2030 can be co-created together with youth.

YouthSpeak Survey 2019 will focus on three key topics related to youth –

1) how do they see the world today,

2) what are their career aspirations and

3) how do they perceive leadership

In 2016 185,000 young people from 197 countries and territories spoke up, 68% of the youth thought that the world will be better by 2030. Their biggest fear for the future was lack of humanity, the presence of conflict, and climate change. The youth saw leadership in people who were empathetic, responsible, courageous, and passionate.

What would youth speak for in 2020?

Our goal is to collect 1,000,000 responses from young people (15-30 years old) across 120+ countries and territories and create a report that will serve as a guide for different sectors on how to engage with young people.

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