Too much Facebook use leads to poor health among kids

OTTAWA: Spending time on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook can put kids Mental health at risk.T he kid may suffer from poor IQ, high psychological distress or even suicidal thoughts says the researchers.

” The findings send an important message to parents and suggests to increase mental health support services offerings on these websites “said by researchers Hugues Sampasa -Kanyinga and Rosamund Lewis from Ottawa public health in Canada.

The duo compared time spending on social networking sites on teenagers. They analyzed data on students from grades 7- 12 from the “Ontario student Drug use health surveys “.

Nearly 25% of students reported using Social networks for more than 2 hrs daily.

Mr. Brenda Wiederhold from the Interactive Media Institute in San Diego, California says that social media is the place where teenagers have problems and solutions. Therefore it was a perfect place for public health service providers to reach out to people who are vulnerable to this issue.

The paper appeared in the journal Cyberpsychology, behavior, social networking which was a pretty bold step to issue and spread awareness.