Google Maps Feature Shows user’s location history

A newly launched feature in Google maps is ‘Your Timeline.’ According to, it shares all the places the user has been to for the past days, weeks and months. It is an optional feature in the Google map which stores location history but only if the user wishes to. Google believes it’s a quick way to recollect and view their past locations. If the user uses Google photos, then it will tag automatically to the place and day it was clicked.

The history of the location is kept personal and is not shared with anyone.T he user can remove a day from the past or even clear the whole history accordingly. The user also has the freedom to remove details such as location timeline or rename the location of a place. For example, if your friend lives somewhere around location x, then they can rename the landmark to their wish for familiarity. It’s applicable on desktops as well as Android mobile devices.

This new tweak on the application allows you to stalk yourself and refresh a location that you have long forgotten. Which means you now don’t have to argue over what bar you visited or when did you visit it, scroll through the timeline and voila! There is the date, day and the exact location you were arguing about. Now, that this feature is available, you can tag places you are frequently visiting like your mom’s house or your personal family doctor which will effortlessly show on the map once you are around that particular location.