Top Ten Antivirus Software 2017

Virus in a computer is a type of a malicious software program that replicates itself by modifying other computer programs inserting its code. When such replication succeeds, then MAC infected with a computer virus. To protect your PC use anti-malware software, It produces anti-malware and removes the malicious activities called as an Antivirus. Different types of antivirus used to protect our computers are McAfee, Norton, and AVG.

Here are the lists of Top 10 antivirus in 2017 for Mac: –

  1. Intego Mac Internet Security X9: –

    For the MAC, it is the best antivirus. Here installation is smooth, but no one can get the instructions regarding during installation. Intego mostly did the core job better rather than any other antivirus apps.

  2. Norton Security: –

    This installation for Mac is fast, and there is no warning from the app itself about the third-party kernel extension required for most antivirus package that can cause some concern to the newcomers.

  3. Sophos Antivirus for Mac: –

    It is free of charge targeting mainly for the non-commercial and the home users. For free one can get the real-time antivirus, parental web filtering, web protection from any known malicious sites.

  4. Avira Antivirus for Mac:-                                                                                       Installation is quite easy and fast too, but it may take few long time for the full scan. Full scan results in a dialogue box which reports several the infections hiding all the information’s related to it.
  5. Antivirus Zap for Mac: –

    With its fast installation and quick scan, it is pretty good antivirus to that of others. It misses only one out of the ten viruses during the installation process.

  6. Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac: –

    For its installation, one should choose a version right for the operating system. After determining the setup is quick and fast too. It scans eight out of the ten viruses and manages to delete those.

  7. ESET Cyber Security for Mac: –

    It is the oldest antivirus that offers quick scanning capabilities. It manages to scan six out of ten viruses, but you can be provided with a smooth manual to delete previously studied.

  8. Trend Micro Antivirus for Mac:

    This antivirus is very much quicker to install, offers ransomware protection and provides a brilliantly speed with the full scan.

  9. Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac:

    It is also very much easy to install, and there is always on scanner called Autopilot available. It can only detect seven out of the ten viruses while scanning.

  10. Total AV: 

    This antivirus one can get a System Boost tool for running startup programs and uninstalling apps, a Disk Cleaner tool to scan for duplicate apps, and an ad-blocker for chrome. Here always-on protection doesn’t work as advertised, but once you open the app, you can manually scan your Mac for viruses.


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