Apple is secretly developing its own MicroLED displays

Apple Inc. is secretly designing and producing its display device. Likewise, Apple, facing criticism on its display technology, is taking a step towards the future. Thus, Apple is not only trying to match the technology of Samsung but to overcome by a considerable margin.

Apple Co. Ltd. is also making a massive investment in the development of next-generation MicroLED screens. These screens will use different light-emitting compounds than OLED displays.

Apple uses a secret manufacturing facility situated near its California headquarters. According to our anonymous source, the company will make a small number of screens for testing. Likewise, The new MicroLED will also make the future Apple gadgets slimmer, brighter, and less power-consuming.

Similarly, Many people believe that MicroLED screens will be the replacement for OLED display technology. Apple’s interest in the MicroLED display technology revealed in its partnership with MicroLED firm LuxVue in 2014.

Display Technology

Apple is working to introduce the display technology to the Apple Watch. Some rumors suggest that could be happening this year. And These screens are far more challenging to produce compared to the OLED displays.

The company had also tried and failed to produce the display technology about a year ago, the people said. Since then Engineers make these progress, and the technology improves a vast margin. Although, it may take a few years before the company launches its product. The ambitious project is the example of Apple focusing on the design of critical components. The company is always a generation ahead in chips powering its mobile devices.

MicroLED display technology

Most of all, its move to the MicroLED display technology will also help the company to outrun the range of suppliers. With the next generation, display technologies companies like Samsung Electronics Co., LG Display Co., and Sharp Corp. will be no match for companies like Synaptics Inc. to produce chip-screen interface.

The news dropped shares of Universal Display Corp. as low as 16 percent. Universal Display develops display technology and owns the various OLED cognitive property. Investors concerned Apple’s MicroLED display will likely replace Universal Display’s Synaptics.

MicroLED technology will help Apple Co. Ltd

A head-start in MicroLED technology will help Apple Co. Ltd. to stand out in the competitive market. With the new display technology, Apple can outrun its rivals like Samsung that is in a better position in display technology.

At present, mobile devices and gadgets use off-the-shelf display technology. And these LG Display makes the display of Apple Watch. Apple’s first OLED phone uses Samsung display technology. It is the first-time apple will design the display technology by itself.

Engineers at the facility are assembling prototype MicroLED screens and attaching the screen to the glass. Apple is also designing its transistors and screen drivers who are critical components on the display unit.

Apple will still feature OLED display until MicroLED is ready enough to see the world. The company is planning to release a second OLED iPhone with a 6.5-inch screen. Furthermore, the company is expanding OLED production from Samsung to include LG.


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