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The best free photo editor

In the modern day of computer science and information technology, we all have got our gadgets including smartphones, tablets, cameras, etc. Wherever we go and whatever we do that merely be snapped by our devices for the future memoranda regarding photos. So, to enhance the beauties of our photos different photo editing software are being used which helps in adding the quality to our existing digital photographs, illustrations, and prints. Photo editing software uses various techniques like image size alteration, cropping the image, noise reduction, removing the unwanted elements, perspective control and distortion, lens correction, image enhancement, sharpening and softening the photos, merging and also add special effects, etc. The top 10 free photo editing software mentioned below:-

  1. Adobe Photoshop 

Thomas and John Knoll created Adobe Photoshop since then it is extensively used in the rendering of the images. Adobe Photoshop can extend by using photoshop plugins such as Adobe camera raw that can easily be available for free. Here a sidebar with a variety of tools with multiple image editing functions appears to the top left of the screen which has got the options of drawing, painting, typing, navigation, etc. Some extra tools are like pen tool, clone stamp tool, shape tool, selection tool, cropping, etc.


The next favorite software is GIMP. Here the toolbox and the brushes panes are isolated from the main program so GIMP can easily be accessed and implemented for the designated task. File formats like TIFF, PNG, JPEG, GIF are supported and can work under the various operating system like Windows, Linux, Mac, etc.


INK SPACE is a vector graphics editor more likely to be known as the illustrator. Circles, arcs, 3D boxes, ellipses, stars, spirals, and polygons can easily be made using Inkspace. It contains a large number of the tools, and one can work with the layers along with applying a large number of filters to a picture.

  1. NET 

Paint.NET is somehow similar to GIMP but provides the ability for moving its window panes around to customize the interface of our image to be linked with Paint.NET delivers plug-ins for supporting the new file formats and also adding the new effects. Different advanced tools like clone stamp, pencil, text maker and paintbrush tool get included here. It is applicable for windows user only and supports file formats like BMP, JPEG, etc. 


EasyComic is not quite advanced like the other ones. Here merely handful of objects and effects are available like speech bubbles, nature images, cartoon effects and here one can easily drag and drop the picture onto the canvas. Line tools, rotate and resize functions and creating text and shape can quickly be done here.


Here in this software one can add objects and text and can also crop an image either freely or using one of the presets. Tools like red-eye remover, clone stamp tool, spot remover, paint brush and effect brush like grayscale, blur, darken and brighten gets included here. The main advantage of using PhotoScape is once you choose a tool to edit an image the description of its gets displayed which simplifies for any user and is applicable for windows user only.


In CinePaint layers are well supported so one can overlay the images one over the next. The selection tool is available here. The major drawback of CinePaint is you cannot preview that image once you open it for editing.


The simple photo editing software is Photo!Editor, where one cannot find support for the layers despite it, contains a large number of tools like healing brush, teeth whitener and smoothing brush. Here one can fix red-eye, apply 3D lighting effects, removing extra noise, enhance color, deblur an image, etc.


The most important feature of Photobie is GIF creator, layer support and the ability to create a 3D cube or globe using our image layers gets included here. Various templates are well available here, or one can create their model for editing.

  1. Artweaver

Artweaver has got the tabbed interface to avoid the clutter and supported pen tablets. It helps some of the file formats like JPEG, PSD, etc. Tools like crop, text, paint bucket and gradient tool are getting included here. It helps to customize the layout and directly import the images from scanner or camera. The screen mode can be changed from regular to the fullscreen for the better editing of the photos.


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