Eval Technologies is a group of IT Professionals who are so much focused on implementing the best of the technology and providing solutions for various disciplines with the help of Information technology. The major service of this company is to provide development and design related to technology which will help the people and other organizations to enhance theirbusiness in a better way. The dedicated team of Eval Technologies consistently delivers superior quality of products and services. The team consists of designers, developers, coders, managers and senior management staff. From the top-level seasoned professionals to the recent graduates employed there contribute to the growth of the company with their experience and innovative ideas. 

The company believes that long term mutual gain is founded on sharing risk and responsibility with the clients. Their priority is to solve problems for their clients, not giving their clients more to worry about. They believe that to form strategic partnership with their clients is the best way or we can say a key to success.The team working in this company works with both the business and technical teams of their clients to ensure that they deliver high and best quality solutions to meet the needs of their business. This leaves us in control and makes us able to build competence and knowledge within the own team. The closeness that the company develop in their working relationship with their clients results in reduced risk and increased efficiency in the projects that they generally support.


With the years of tremendous working experiences, Eval Technologies has successfully been able to design and develop various websites before and further. For the growing trend of online marketing and business, the services that the company has always been providing are the web suits, apps and graphics by professionals and experts. The team has listened your needs and necessities that completes your solutions. Their development division is so capable to provide the right web solutions as well as a complete suite of corporate communication services. The details of the services that they provide frequently are as follows:

  • Web Development

For the great makeover of web development, Eval Technologies has big assets of experienced developers and experts. The creative thinking and the skills they have, make the team an excellent one by doing their work. The web development in their company with database-driven content management and user-friendly front-end that sounds the today’s web trends. The web development that they do is, with the use JQuery, WordPress, Magneto, Code Igniter which rich the development of Eval Technologies Company.

  • App Development

These days the use smartphones have been increasing rapidly. So, with the increase of smartphone, the demands of various smartphone apps also gets increased. Thus, Eval Technologies is also focused in Application development that is used for Android Phones, iOS and PC as well. They develop the applications with the use of HTML5 specific for web. The Apps are every peoples’ needs to excel their business effectively.

Graphics Design

For any webpage, the most important thing is graphics design to make it more attractive and readable. The Graphics that this company design illustrates the joy of colors. The websites and multimedia gets uncountable popularity by graphical presentation of their content which has been the basic needs for today’s generation. For Banner, Logos, invitation cards, ID cards, etc. their tools for graphics design are Adobe creative design suits such as Photoshop, Fireworks and Illustrator.

Eval Technologies also makes portfolios for various products such as smartphones, textile samples and many more. In this scenario, they are expert in designing, SEO and Magneto. They have been working in this sector since a very long time and has been able to gain more clients.

For further details:

Address: Gwarko, Lalitpur

Phone: 01-6226001

Email: info@evaltechnologies.com