Nabin Raj Acharya is Android application developer, Web expert, Web Consultant, etc. from Pokhara, Nepal.

He is known as the first Action Game developer of Nepal. Hi, I am Nabin Raj Acharya. Welcome you to my Interview Section. This Interview is about my Vision, interest, and Passion. If you need any help about Android application development, Web design/development and computer maintenance you can contact me.

Describe your background

My name is Nabin Raj Acharya. I was born in Leknath, Kaski district. Started the career on IT (Information & Technology)  from 2010 AD. Almost I have spent 5 years in this field.

Who inspired you to involve in IT Sector?

From childhood, I was interested in Science and things related. Since childhood, I used to do small projects. Later I spent most of my time on computer and internet and learned a lot of things, and unknowingly I get much involved in this field. Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg are the best inspires ever.

What’s your area of expertise?

Well, It would be Android Application Development. Except this, I am good at learning things of my interests. I have good knowledge of computer hardware, software, website designing, and Android application development. I am good at marketing too.

What is the name of your IT company and tell us about your company services?

Name of my Company is “My computer this”. Services that my company provides are Android application development, website design, and development, Computer Sales and Maintenance.

Tell us about the applications that you have developed?

It’s Gorkhali Helicopter Combat ( The First Action Game Of Nepal), Gorkhali Battle, Humans of the world, Nepali Pann, etc

Apps by Nabin Raj Acharya.

What is the condition of IT companies in Pokhara?

There are only a few IT Companies in Pokhara. Most of them are in the initial phase and are growing.

What is Software Development & its Scope in Nepal?

Software Development is a full package which includes computer programming, documenting, testing and debugging. More than that it’s a life cycle which results in software product from the concept input with the involvement of research, prototyping, modification, and maintenance. It’s always better to work in a planned and structured process like design the algorithms before starting actual coding. In recent years, technology has been growing at fast speed. Even Nepal is adapting lots of new technology for quicker and well-maintained output. Most of the business including government organizations are also moving towards digital data storage every day, after all, who wants to store data in a conventional way which is hectic as we all know.

Therefore in today’s market, there is a growing demand for the software product and skills even in our country.

What types of Application do you have experience with?

I have experiences with Mobile applications, Rich client applications, Rich Internet applications, Service applications, and Web applications.

What are your Best Gadgets?

Well, Its Android phones & Surface Book

Share us anything about your hidden Secret?

Well, There’s nothing like that, But I have a big dream like Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates.

Would you like to say anything to career seekers in ICT through ICT FRAME?

If IT is the real field of your interest, then there’s no doubt that you will love your work. But if you do not have any interest in it, it would be hard. IT is the field for career seekers because its scope is unlimited.