Tribhuvan University Issued a Guideline For Online Teaching Classes

27 April Kathmandu, 2020

The executive council has approved the guidelines. Registrar, Peshal Dahal informed that the directive has been issued to prevent possible blemishes in the online class.

Experts have been pointing out the need for laws and codes of conduct as online classes can lead to Internet misuse. As the lockdown period is getting longer, all 11 universities and schools have started online classes.

The guideline also contains a code of conduct and provisions for action. TU has warned to take action if students, teachers, and staff violate the code of conduct.

Directives / Guidelines:

The directive prohibits full-time teachers from attending online classes other than TU. The professors had been teaching in other colleges with the permission of the monitoring directorate. TU has clarified that it will not allow teachers to take part in online classes. The guideline states that you can take part in the online class as an invited expert.

Some teachers and students have been complaining about not being able to take part in the online class due to the internet problem. Rector Shivlal Bhushal said that talks are going with the ISPs to provide internet at low rates.

TU will also provide technical help to schools, colleges, and departments. The guideline states that students should use respectful words in the online classroom. Concerned teachers and bodies will have copyrights of online class related educational materials. “All teachers, staff, and students must protect their copyright, not to commit plagiarism”, the guideline says. Teachers, staff, and students must respect the right to privacy. Teachers and students are not allowed to post any teaching and educational materials on social media.

During online classes, teachers and students have to wear formal attire. Apart from the Code of Conduct, it has requested to abide by the Code of Conduct for TU Organization and Educational Administration, 2050 BS. It has also requested to follow the Code of Conduct for Teachers and Staff Services, 2050 BS.

What more does Directive say?

The university has also directed to keep the attendance of teachers and students. Most of the departments and campuses of Tribhuvan University have been running online classes from Zoom, Google, MS team. The concerned department head has to certify the class and attendance. The teachers will get rewards on the basis of attendance. Similarly, students will also be able to take part in the examination.

Technical staff working in the online class will get extra payment. The staff should keep a record of each online class and should send it to the concerned professor by email. Students who are unable to attend the class for any reason will get the records of the class.

TU has also instructed every department that conducts classes to provide high-speed internet. The directive has instructed to survey students who can’t attend online classes. It has also instructed its subordinate bodies to arrange training for teachers and students.


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