Broadway Infosys Started Online IT Courses In Nepal

27 April Kathmandu, 2020
With everyone trying out to be productive and every company looking to enhance its human resources for more efficiency with less effort, online courses are taking the momentum. Especially with the current situation of lockdown, professional IT learning institutes like Broadway Infosys are making sure that people learn even while they are staying at home!

Is it not the right step?

Talking about the current lockdown period, people are staying at home watching movies, series, and chilling on Netflix. However, some people are looking to increase their creativity as well. It is for such people that Broadway Infosys is providing the platform where they can enhance their knowledge by taking IT courses on an online basis.

Why Should I Choose Broadway Infosys?

This is a common question that comes to mind of aspiring candidates who are interested in joining a professional IT institute. Well, it is a matter of honor to let everyone know that Broadway Infosys is one of the best inclusive IT training institutes in the country.
Established in 2008 and located at Tinkune, Kathmandu, the company is honored with the ISO 9001:2015 certification. With more than a decade of expertise in the IT training field, Broadway Infosys offers well-designed and complete professional IT Courses and training in multiple courses, including programming languages, disruptive technologies, designing, accounting, engineering, and many more.

Could I Know What Broadway Infosys provide courses?

Broadway Infosys has, as mentioned earlier, a wide variety of courses for interested candidates to choose from. Whether it be an onsite or online course, Broadway Infosys is ready to provide you the platform to enhance your field of knowledge!
As for the courses provided by Broadway Infosys, here are the top 20 courses that are provided here:

S. No. Courses at Broadway Infosys
2 ReactJS
4 MEAN Stack
5 Android
6 AI Training
7 Python
8 Web Design UI UX
10 Digital Marketing
11 Data Science
12 Quality Assurance
13 Machine Learning
14 Accounting
15 PHP Laravel
16 GIS
17 Advanced Excel
19 Red Hat
20 C Programming
For more courses, please visit the link below:

Could I Have More Details about Online Courses at Broadway Infosys Nepal?

Broadway Infosys has been providing online courses for quite a while now. For people who are not able to attend the onsite classes, for any reason, online courses are available.

In order to view more details on online classes, you can visit the Online IT Training page. Also, in order to take classes and make your admission, you can visit the online admission page by clicking here

Let us dive into more details about online IT training at Broadway Infosys. The classes can be taken in a group or on an individual basis. The class timing is also very flexible, with the candidates themselves choosing the time that they want to take classes at.
This feature of online classes has made Broadway Infosys more popular among the ones who are seeking online IT training.

Do I Have to Make Payments for Online Classes? If Yes, How?

Yes, online classes at Broadway Infosys are live training sessions and do come with payments. However, once you start taking classes, you are guaranteed to feel that you have invested in the correct institute to build-up your career!
To make payments at Broadway Infosys, you have multiple options like:
1. eSewa
2. Khalti
3. ConnectIPS
4. Fonepay
5. Bank Transfer

More details about online payment for taking online as well as onsite classes at Broadway Infosys can be found here.

You are free to choose the payment option that suits you. With all these payment options available, online IT training at Broadway Infosys is only a click away from you! Grab the opportunity to enhance your knowledge and career now!


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