Tuesday, 12th May 2015, earthquake of 6.8 magnitude has created fear among people as many houses are cracked and tall building have been demolished from the foundation.

The situation that was turning to normal slowly after the disaster of Baisakh 12 has now turned to frightening again. The complete destruction of houses in some cities of capital including Nayabazar, Nayabuspark and Samakhusi has added more fuel to fire of fear among people.

Those house not being priliminary safe is not believed to have people in them. However the search team had been searching the debris till the late evening yesterday.

Those houses that got collapsed ranged from 5 to 9 storey. One 5 storey house in Nayabuspark had no casualties as it was empty beforehand. A shopkeeper having his shop near to a 9 storeyed building commented on how he ran to the nearby road and the cloud of dust covered the area as the building began to collapse.

A 6 storey building in Samakhusi included a cyber cafe where some youths were expected to have been running to when the building collapsed. However the search team has verfied no sign of life in the debris.

Although the presence of more viewers were said to have been a disturbance to the search team.