Uber has been said to be one of the best service. Their cars have been able to offer a better price in many cities so when compared to the taxi service they were considered to be the best.  Uber being an American international transportation network company headquartered in San Francisco, California has a great future indeed. Just with the help of your phones you can get a ride if you need one.
It is getting very popular and with time it may be one of the best company. Uber have started in India as well and it has stunning growth in china too.

A company that is always on the top of the news. Uber is not only famous for its ride but also because it offers ride in exotic vehicles. Uber also have rivals increased with the success it got. Their top Chinese rivals is raising $1.5 billion.  Uber also faced problems in places during their start however were able to regain the position later. There are so many investors for the uber as well. There are so many possibility of growth for uber in todays date. With its service, uber can conquer the transportation industry in different parts of the world. Even top businessman and CEOs are talking about the approach uber has made.
At a Financial Times event Wednesday evening, the paper’s editor interviewed Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. There were talks on about almost everything including economy, innovation,robots, uber and silicon valley. There were so many speculations about the present technology and Gates thinks that we are in the period of fastest innovation. However its not that clear how it is going to effect economy in the future.

Till now it has been going smooth. But he thinks there is still a long way to go. with the innovations like robots and etc there is no danger of function of work but the outlook is not so good for those with high school degrees or less. Gates was also asked about uber.   It is one the best service that has been introduced. However Gates think that the real disruption to the driving industry wont come until we have driveless cars. Gates think that uber is recognized for the labour and should turn itself into a dynamic form which will really be counted as a change. there is a big thing about uber as Uber does have the biggest research and development budget out there on the driverless vehicle front. And that’s to its advantage. our present future is with technology and its improving day by day. Robots are the ones that are expected to be working in the future and thus our approach to the transportation services are also going to be different.
And if there is a possibility of bringing revolution in the world of transportation with the help of technology, then uber might be the one introducing it. If it really possible to have driverless car services, then it must be uber to start with.