Uber With Help Of Lite App?

Uber Lite for India - Fast, Reliable, and Just 5 Mega Bytes

It’s 2018, and everything is compiled to an app from paying bills to socializing everything can be done from an app itself. Uber is also one of those apps. It is a location-based app that helps in hiring a private driver.

Uber is a convenient, inexpensive and faster taxi service. In other words, Uber is a taxi on demand. This app is available on every smartphone device, and with a click of a button, a near driver often arrives to pick you up within minutes.

The only reason Uber is not quite in use in countries like India, Nepal is because of their spotty and weak Wi-Fi connection. So, Uber has decided to target a broader audience with the help of a lite app.

The ride-hailing giant unveiled Uber Lite in India claiming that this app takes only about 5 megabytes of storage which is equal to “just three selfies.” Uber said that the latest app helps riders with limited data and Information plans” by utilizing a  rapid progress bar instead of a map to show how close the driver is.

Like Uber, India has its app: Ola which is an Indian origin online transportation network company. Ola has become rival of Uber in India as Ola also unveiled its lite app earlier this month which takes up less space than Uber, i.e., 1 megabyte.

The Uber Lite app is now only available for the androids, and the company did not comment on plans to release the app to iPhones as Apple accounts for just 2% of smartphones sales in India.

Uber claimed that it wants to capture the next hundreds of millions of riders in India who will be coming online through low price smartphones and cheap data plans. The latest app will also soon add multiple language choices- a key feature in India with dozens of regional languages- and the ability to book rides offline.

The Uber Lite will be expanded to more countries later this year which brings a high chance of having Uber in Nepal.


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