Cybersecurity is a trend and threats which has some policy and social implication.

The internet society of Indonesia holds its first Asia Internet Symposium (AIS) in Jakarta. It was hosted by ISOC Jakarta chapter. This event brings many experts from the government, technical community, civil society, and private sector to discuss the unfolding cybersecurity landscape. Our Cyber awareness program is different from traditional security training programs that rely on annual training, posters & broadcast messages.

Interconnectivity and connectivity of the internet of the device are crucial for emerging countries which aspire to use ICTs for social-economic growth. It is essential to explore all the avenue which manage and minimize the risk locally and collaborate . in this way; it will not impair the open and global nature of the internet.

Indonesia is one of the fastest growing economies in the Asia Pacific which has not been immune to online threats. It has a high-security response on internet infrastructure which increased the amount of malware in Indonesia. It has mainly targeted online banking.

According to the red24 threats forecast, Indonesia has a high rate of bonnets activity in southeast Asia. The government is deliberating the creation of a national cybersecurity agency to bolster its cybersecurity defense.

The Asia internet symposium focuses mainly an identifying the relevant stakeholder for the local and international framework. It has some policy and social implication of online security threats in Indonesia.