Youtube And Netflix Slow Down streaming To Keep the internet from breaking
Source: AP

Nepal, March 31, 2020

Countries lying in the EU have been the hardest hit countries by the coronavirus. The countries have imposed lockdowns all over the country. Due to which people are shifting towards the internet for their entertainment. And streaming platforms are having the most number of users than ever before. This is better for both sides, streaming platforms and users. But the main problem here is that there has been a lot of strain on the internet.


YouTube on Friday decided to reduce its streaming quality in the EU to avoid straining the internet. Streaming of videos in high definition drains a lot of internet traffic data. By reducing the video quality it can reduce considerable numbers of traffic. This will help to lessen the stress in the system so that it doesn’t crash due to peak usage.


Youtube is not the only streaming platform that has reduced its streaming quality. Netflix, another famous streaming platform has also reduced its streaming quality in the EU. Netflix already decreased it’s streaming quality before Youtube when the EU industry Chief urged for it.

These bold moves from the company can certainly make its users disappointed. But, this is better for the country and the people, if the internet doesn’t crash during this time.


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