cybersecurity has formed to fight hacking related to the novel coronavirus

Nepal, March 31, 2020

After the outbreak, every company has shifted toward working from home. This has helped to digitize the company but has also led to a new well-known problem i.e  Cyber Crime. Cybercrime has always been a major issue to slow down proper digitization. When each company is quickly shifting to digital working, they are not well secure.

There are new websites and applications providing service to the people at the time of the pandemic. They are more vulnerable and need protection from hackers. The lockdown has forced companies to relocate to their home. Also, curiosity among people about the virus has led to an increasing number of phishing attacks. Due to pandemic people are digitizing themselves and are being more vulnerable to cybercrimes.

So, who will protect them and their private data?

Well, there are some groups that are not afraid of digitization. They do not fear being hacked. In fact, they are working to combat these crimes so other companies can work without fear.

COVID-19 CTI League

COVID-19 CTI is an international group of nearly 400 volunteers with expertise in cybersecurity. It was formed to fight to hack related to the novel coronavirus cyber crimes. They made it clear that their main priority was securing medical facilities and other frontline responders to the pandemic. They are also working to defend communication networks like services. As many people work from home it is necessary to provide safety in their communication. They are also working to track down phishing messages and remove them. The group has already dismantled one campaign that was spreading malicious software. The loopholes in software make our data breachable. They are working to detect them. The group explains that law enforcement is welcoming for collaboration.

The threat of data breach is real and it needs to be addressed. Working alongside law enforcement can surely make it more effective.


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