Vivo Service Center

22nd November 2022, Kathmandu

Buying a smartphone is not a one-step process. It involves extensive research before purchase, and after-care post-purchase.

vivo, as a consumer-centric brand, through enhanced customer service, has been working for making this entire usage cycle easier to navigate for consumers.

Since Vivo’s inception in Nepal, the brand is committed to offering world-class technologies and top-notch services to consumers in the country. Guided by the Benfen philosophy of doing the right things at the right time, Vivo strives to enrich and positively impact the lives of consumers.

In an effort for advanced integration into the Nepal consumer market, the brand has been guided by the “More Local, More Global” approach, endeavoring to bring global technologies like 5G, Artificial Intelligence, and Advanced Imaging Systems to local consumers.

Moreover, it recognizes the importance of local talent, culture, and customer preferences, and thus, has converged its efforts with several campaigns.

As a brand, Vivo has a close-knit relationship with its customers. All efforts, whether it be designing new products, or conducting research for advanced technologies, are geared towards enhancing the lives of their consumers.

Every step of the way, customers have supported the brand, expressing their love and enthusiasm for their efforts. Thus, to ensure more accessibility for consumers, an extensive offline and online network of customer services has been established.

With 1000+ retail stores and 4 exclusive service centers, users can make the best of superior after-sales services.

The business has strategically strengthened its customer connection in Nepal by reaching out to its customers nationally through its four branches in Kathmandu, Narayangarh, Pokhara, and Itahari.

By overcoming geographical limitations, Vivo is able to offer multiple services to its loyal customers across the country. The service centers, which are equipped with cutting-edge facilities and equipment welcome customers to ensure a hassle-free shopping and after-sales service experience.

The Vivo Service Day, hosted on the 27th – 29th of every month, is an effort on Vivo’s behalf to give back to their customers.

The leading global smartphone company understands the importance of after-sale smartphone care, and thus, on this day, customers are assured free after-sales services such as cleaning, disinfecting, system recovery and software upgrades, 1-Hour flash repair, maintenance without labor charges, and protective stickers.

Moreover, the services provide a special 1-month replacement offer for customers on their newly purchased devices in case there is any hardware issue. Furthermore, the customers can also claim warranty service/ policy provided with every new phone.

vivo provides a 1-year warranty for the handset, a 6-month warranty on the accessories, 3 months warranty on chargeable repair for every part, and 6 months warranty on accessories purchased from the service center in addition customers can avail lifetime warranty on the software.

The brand is sympathetic to the individual needs and busy schedules of its customers that might prevent them from visiting these centers physically. To cater to unique life situations, and further ensure a seamless customer service experience, the customer service team is available via call centers and works diligently to resolve all queries efficiently and satisfactorily.

All smartphone spare parts are available on the website (Click Here) for customers to get an idea of the prices involved. Ensuring further accessibility via Facebook and e-mail inquiries, no stone has been left unturned in helping consumers meet their every need by providing prompt responses. In addition to these, to express gratitude to the consumers, Vivo offers deals and conducts local campaigns as well.

The consumer-centric approach has been at the heart of product development, aimed at fulfilling the variety of needs and wants of the consumers. The V and Y series have thus been developed to best suit the diversity of consumer needs.

The Y series, for instance, is hailed as the ideal companion for the young consumer, offering a flagship smartphone experience on a budget. The V series, with its magical color-changing feature, is accompanied by a stellar performance and brilliant camera features that aid user in all their professional and creative pursuits.

Through an innovation-led approach, Vivo strives to delight its customers with a premium smartphone user experience and efficient customer support. Their efforts are committed to establishing a personal relationship with consumers and helping them every step of the way.

As a brand, they are dedicated to caring for valued customers and reciprocating the love and respect they have received. Going forward, Vivo will sustain this legacy, paving its way for a future of more meaningful consumer-brand relationships.


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