VIVO V20 Selfie videos

26th November 2020, Kathmandu

Join the slow-motion wagon! v20 lets you make the most stable slow-motion selfie videos! no matter active or still! ​

The trend of selfies caused a massive shift in the digital world and transformed the internet’s social culture. Every person around us has either taken a selfie or at least been a part of one. In a world where selfies are omnipresent, what could be done to step up your selfie game?

With time, camera innovation has given birth to newer fun, and cooler trends. One of those is the rise of slow-motion selfies. Wondering what a slow-motion or slo-moselfie is? A slo-movideo also is a selfie in a video form that appears to be moving slower than normal. Pretty cool!

‘Slomoselfies’ are the new selfies:

We have seen the world evolve! Smartphone makers first introduced a front camera (aka selfie mode)to the world and then introduced a selfie video feature, and now the new fad is, even more, cooler -all about slow-motion selfie videos. And the fun fact-slo-moselfie videos also include sound!

So, the internet has seen the age of duck face selfies, selfie sticks, and #nomakeupselfies. With continuing evolution in the camera, Slo-selfies a hot trend netizens are following in 2020 and is here to stay!

Easing out the selfie-taking process with the newly introduced slo-moselfie feature

Step up your selfies game with Vivo V20/ Show your quirky side with slo-moselfie:

Are you tired of taking similar kinds of selfies day in and day out? Have fun by exploring slo-moselfieswith Vivo V20.

vivo has recently launched the Vivo V20 that unlocks limitless selfie capabilities for the users, and the Slo-moSelfievideo feature is one of the many iconic elements of the device.

Say you want to show off your OOTD ora music concert, a regular selfie video would not only cut your frame, but it would be so monotonous. With the V20’s slo-moselfie video feature, you can perfect your shot by not only capturing all your outfits but also making the video more fun!

Be it a quirky video of pleasant moments or capturing a shot at a music festival, V20’s Slo-mo selfie video feature has got your back.

Intelligent Craftsmanship for Sensational Slo-moSelfie Experience

The enhanced 44MP Eye Autofocus selfie camera, allows the users to record their real moments and enables optimal playback of interactions with friends and the surrounding environment. The high-definition front camera coupled with state-of-the-art Autofocus capabilities and industry-leading slo-moselfie video feature allows the selfie-master to control the flow of time with their fingertips.

The Slo-mo SelfieVideo mode lets the user make quirky videos day and night by just switching between fast and slow motion, at a stunning [email protected] frame rate, which is also among the best in the industry. Thisslo-moselfie video feature indeed will benefit passionate content creators. They are always on the lookout to pour their creative juices and present extraordinary content with a dash of self-expression, and V20 allows them to so much more, with this all-in-one device.

The camera setup takes away the woes of shaky hands and unstable canvases to capture highly stable shots in 4K video quality. The all-new Vivo V20 is designed to deliver an extraordinary selfie experience without stopping the always-on-the-move generation. Moreover, the 44MP Eye Autofocus capability further fine-tunes the selfie experience with its powerful subject-tracking technology delivering a highly defined selfie experience.

By introducing this latest addition to its V series, Vivo is tapping into the latest trends in smartphone photography. Complementing the ever-evolving needs of the vibrant youth of Nepal, V20 not only caters to the young but also provides them with a way to do more with their smartphones.


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