Vivo Y33s Innovation

27th April 2022, Kathmandu

When it comes to people, nobody likes a know-it-all. However, the tables turn when it comes to technology, specifically smartphone technology.

Who wouldn’t want their most dependable confidant to be equipped with the right elements around-the-clock? That is precisely what vivo’s Y33s brings to the table for its customers.

This leading global smartphone brand has recently launched Vivo Y33s in Nepal with a 5000mAh Battery life, a powerful camera system, and a gigantic memory expansion setup. Let’s look at the device’s most notable features tailor-made for a young and enthusiastic audience.

Vivo’s Y series smartphones have been notable for bringing elite features in a humble price range. The Y33s is no different. It combines the prowess of technology and design to bring forth a product suitable for a wide range of people.

With a triple camera combination, Vivo Y33s presents a 50MP Rear Camera*, 2MP Bokeh Camera, and a 2MP Super Macro Camera to make imaging a creative experience. The 50MP Rear Camera sensor allows light-intake equivalent to a professional camera and redefines high-definition photography.

The resultant images showcase great detail in normal light and low-light scenarios. Furthermore, the quality of the image does not deteriorate on zooming in or cropping out, thus maintaining absolute clarity. Moreover, the Super Night Selfie noise reduction technology and Aura Screen Light take over at night to shed light for natural and clear snaps.

The storage capacity of a smartphone, whether temporary or permanent, has increasingly become an important parameter for customers to consider while investing in a smartphone. Keeping the consumer sentiment alive, Vivo has brought a stunning Extended RAM 2.0* with an 8GB memory that makes the device function efficiently.

What’s worth mentioning is that the 4GB idle ROM can be used as an extended RAM to ensure that multiple apps run simultaneously without any freezes or lags.

One major benefit of the Extended RAM 2.0 is that the feature allows users to switch between those apps without letting the device malfunction.

The smartphone also boasts a gigantic 128GB ROM, so users may never have to remove old images, videos, or apps to add new ones. With the Helio G80 Processor, Vivo Y33s delivers GPU for better gaming performance.

The smartphone also brings aboard a durable 5000mAh Battery* powered by an 18W Fast Charge* capacity that powers the device quickly, thus saving users a lot of time. Interestingly, a large hardware setup is encased in an 8.00mm thin body with a 2.5D design. The 182g lightweight device flaunts a premium and comfortable feel in hand.

Vivo’s design-driven orientation in its budget-friendly Y series smartphones is truly a wonder. Even with a compounded, triple camera module, the brand smartly arranges the components in its signature Dual Tone Step, enhancing the visual appeal of the smartphone. The simple design aesthetics and the color hues make the Y33s an attractive smartphone choice for youngsters.

Vivo Y33s are available in two unique hues of Mirror Black and Midday Dream, each an eye-turner in its way. While the Mirror black color scheme uses a double layer coating technique to yield a glossy black sheen, the Midday Dream highlights AG textures with a liquid crystal coating to avoid leaving fingerprints on the cover.

The device is now available for purchase at all Vivo retail shops. So, hurry before the stock runs out.

* The rear camera’s JN1SQ03 image sensor boasts 50 million physical pixel points and outputs four-in-one 12.5MP by default, with an option to output 50MP.

*The typical battery capacity is 5000mAh, and the rated battery capacity is 4910mAh. 

* Y33s is equipped with a Vivo standard charger (power adapter 9V/2Aand supports up to 18W Fast Charge. The actual charging power is dynamically adjusted as the scene changes and is subject to actual use.

* Actual available RAM/ROM is less due to the operating system’s storage and pre-installed apps.


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