Scientists made the technology through which electricity can be generated through the waves of wind.

World has already filled with lots and lots of old and new technologies. Probably, everyday one technology has been discovered. So like that another one very new technology has been discovered.

Taking down of the electricity through the waves of wind without any investment, you might feel like it is a core imagination. But one Britain Scientist has discovered that type of technology through which it can generate the electricity.

Britain businesswoman and scientist Lord Dreson has showcased this type of technology in Royal Institute of London. Royal Institute is that institute where Michael Farad had worked during 19th Century for discovering the electrical magnetic field.

Free volt named this technology uses the waves of the wind and by using its energy, it transform that energy into electrical energy. Through such electrical energy, for those machines and sensors that consumes less energy they can provide energy.

Actually, in this technology, 4G and digital television’s radio wave’s energy is being used.

According to the scientist Dreson, this the world’s first this type of technology for which other additional baseline structure is not needed. Neither, for this, other additional energy is to be used. This produce that type of energy, which are left by its maximum use.

In terms of using, Lord first showed, how much radio wave frequency exists in a room and after that she used free volt for using one loudspeaker.

She became successful in generating the electricity with free volt which is required for opening a personal pollution monitor, clean space tag.

That pollution monitor was discovered by Dreson’s organization’s Dreson Technology in one of the revolution so that the quality of wind of the city can be simplified. And through which they can flow information about the state of pollution towards people.

In this machine there is one battery present which gets recharged by free volt technology.

This technology’s patent through which electricity is generated by wave of wind has been already registered.