How To Schedule A Shutdown For Windows OS?

Computer has been the basic need of our life. Sometimes, we feel like there is no life without computer. Whatever we do, we mostly do through the computer and in school days also we are taught computer studies. And the very first thing we are taught is Turning on the computer.

And accordingly, the very first tasks which is given to us by our teachers in computer is turning it on and turning it off when we were too young, but sometimes we get the need of shutting down the Windows after a particular time in case of an emergency or due to some other reason, but couldn’t find a way to shut down our computer.

In this article we’ve described a step-by-step process to schedule a shutdown command for Windows OS. This method has been tested on Windows 10 & Windows 7, hopefully it’ll work on other versions as well.

It is recommended to read all the steps carefully before implementing them in your personal computer so that no mistakes could occur.

Here are steps:

  1. Go to your Desktop.
  2. Right click -> New -> Shortcut. A new window will open, asking the location for the shortcut.
  3. Now, you need to recall your primary math concepts.
  4. We have,

1 minute = 60 seconds

1 hour = 60 minutes*60 = 3600 seconds

  1. After you’ve successfully recalled the conversion of minutes to seconds. Type, shutdown –s –t 60 in the text field below ‘Type the location of this item’.
  2. The number 60 which is written in the above command stands for seconds, so type the number of seconds after which you want to schedule a shutdown. For example, we tested it to shut down after 1 minute (60), and it worked successfully.
  3. Click next, when you are done with typing the command.
  4. In the next step, give the name Shutdown.exe to one of the file. Well, you can name it whatever you want to, but don’t forget to add ‘.exe’ at the end of that file name.
  5. Then click Finish and you are done.
  6. Now, just double-click the Shutdown.exe file which you created on your desktop earlier whenever you need to schedule a shutdown after a minute gap.

This is a one-time process and you don’t need to repeat it again. Just double-click ‘Shutdown.exe’ and leave the rest to your Windows PC.

If you think that you the need to change the time limit, then just delete the existing file ‘Shutdown.exe’ and create a new one with a different time limit with the same steps that is mentioned above. You can also keep the existing file as well, just choose another name for the next file you create with another time limit that you have kept.

And it will solely be your responsibility if anything goes wrong with your PC because it works very properly in our computer. So, please read all the mentioned steps carefully and do it correctly. NO offence.