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Hi, I am Toran Bhattarai. Welcome you to my Interview Section. This Interview is about my Vision, interest, and Passion Need a Web Developer in Nepal? Do you need a Web Expert in Nepal? Web portal promotion is my passion; it’s like a game, and I play it.

1.   What are you doing nowadays?

I am on web career counseling nowadays. We are mostly simplifying the gap between the academic course of content & real-world software industry requirement. Additionally, I am involved in the production of High-quality websites & promotion. Some of the time, enhancing business websites’ reach to a potential mass audience using social media and available tools.

  1. What’s your area of expertise?

It would be PHP in one word. But it has lots of frameworks and CMS available. I have experiences with WordPress, CI, Laravel, and CakePHP.

  1. How did you become involved in the field of Information Technology?

After the first impression of the computer to me, busted a full range of eagerness. I started to research, how the computer program works?
That was a day, today I am here, but the range of eagerness and research is the same.

  1. How can students improve their chances of success in the field?

Students need to have a real passion, hard-working attitude for this industry. They are required to stay updated about today’s’ technologies. Involvement with seniors from the same field and researching habit is the primary key to success.

5.   What types of Application do you have experience with?

Well, I have experiences with Mobile applications, Rich client applications, Rich Internet applications, Service applications, and Web applications.

6.   What kinds of jobs are available in the field of ICT? What kinds of work do entry-level graduates usually do?

There’s a wide range of jobs available in this field.
Mostly Web & Desktop Application Development, Mobile Apps, Networking, ISP, Server Management, Data Management, etc. Even entry-level graduates go through all but under the supervision of seniors only.

7.   What is Software Development & its Scope in Nepal?

Software Development is a full package which includes computer programming, documenting, testing and debugging.
More than that it’s a life cycle which results in software product from the concept input with the involvement of research, prototyping, modification, and maintenance.
It’s always better to work in a planned and structured process like design the algorithms before starting actual coding.

In recent years, technology has been growing at fast speed. Even Nepal is adapting lots of new technology for quicker and well-maintained output.
Most of the business including government organizations are also moving towards digital data storage every day,
after all who wants to store data in a conventional way which is hectic as we all know.
Therefore in today’s market, there is a growing demand for a software product and skills even in our country.

8. What is software process or Software Development Life Cycle?
The software development process has many stages including Briefing, Analysis, Designing, Coding, Testing and debugging, Maintenance and Documentation.
It’s always better to follow the right order to assure accurate and timely output as per the requirement. The full, cycle generating software product from
the concept is Software Development Process.

9.  When you know the programme, what is the need to learn software engineering concepts?
A person who knows how to build a wall may not be good at making an entire house.
Likewise, a person who can write programs may not know other concepts
of Software Engineering. The software engineering concepts guide programmers on how
to assess requirements of an end user, design the algorithms before actual coding starts,
create programs by coding, testing the code and its documentation.

10. What is software project management?
Software project management is the process of managing all activities like time,
cost and quality management involved in software development.

11.   Quality assurance vs. Quality Control?
Quality Assurance monitors to check if the proper process is followed while software is developing the software.
Quality Control.

Quality Assurance monitors to check if the proper process is followed while software is developing the software.
Quality Control deals with maintaining the quality of software product.

12.   Will you please share us your habit on the use of social media?

I’m not much into social media but always stay updated on things that matter.

13.   How selective are you while buying gadgets?

I’m selective as per my requirement over gadgets.

14.   Would you like to say anything to career seekers in ICT through ICT FRAME?

There’re so many opportunities in this field, highly paid and attractive too. But has fierce competition, to stay in the top line you will need strong determination and dedication.