Motivational Speaker, Tourism Leadership of Nepal, Travel Business Leader, On Being a Great Tourism CEO and Industry Leader, Tourism Leader profiles, Uttam Bahadur Adhikari “Gopi” .We met him and discuss the opportunities and threats of tourism business. Really Awesome thoughts.

He involves in trekking business since 1990 as a Tour Guide from Himalayan Encounters which is one of the leading trekking company in Nepal. He was there until 2007, after he left H.E. He has manage to travel around Europe, Australia and Africa for a year before he starts his own business Cold Feet Adventure Nepal Trekking (p) Ltd. Now he lives in Kathmandu (Nayabazar) with his family

Who inspired you to involve in Tourism Sector?

One of my friend’s fathers was the first person to involve me in a trekking business but i have inspired by the trekkers who i involved during my first trek to Langtang in 1990. The best reason was i was able to make their clients happy so they gave me tips bigger then my salary itself. You need to have charm in your face and your talk to be better person in tourism.

Tell us something about Tourism Scope and its Future in Nepal?

Tourism business in Nepal are the biggest economy for Nepal and there are always the tourism scope because we have such a beautiful resources, Trekking trail, over 6000m  trekking peaks , 9 beautiful wildlife National parks and 8 out of the 14 highest mountain in the world that always the reason for Tourist to visit Nepal.

What is the best season to travel in Nepal? Why?

Sep/Oct/Nov and March /April/May is the best season for Nepal because these months are popular season for climbing peaks as well for Mountaineering who wish to do bigger expedition.

Also Nepal has best climate during this months.

Do you have Company Website?

Yes we do have company website…

What do you think is that necessary to have website for Travel & Tourism Company?

It is very necessary because these are the only trustworthy way to introduce with other travel company in tourism business in the world.

Have you visit any other country beside Nepal for your promotion?

Yes I have been Europe, Australian, Thailand, and India for my business promotion since 2007. It’s always help to promote your business as well for Nepal itself. We have been participating in ITB board as well other promotional visit by TAAN and NTB board of Nepal.

Do you hear about the Website Promotion? And what do you think the best way to promote your company?

I think the best way to promote the company is by advertisement and off course the new technique now is web promotion like work on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) we have Prakash Khatiwada who is SEO specialist in Nepal doing our web promotion at the moment and it’s working very well for us.

Does your company have Website Booking?

Yes we do get our website booking frequently.

Your Best Search Engine and Why?

Google is the best search engine at the moment for globally because very much everyone use the search engine in the world.

What is your Best Gadgets?

Laptop and my smart phone.