‘Web Tech Day 2018’ is a one-day event that is going to be celebrated on 14th January, to mark the importance of different web technologies which have made a significant impact at present. This year, this event will be celebrated by the students of B.Sc. CSIT (6th Semester) by participating in a ‘Coding Competition,’ in which the students will have to code a mockup of a webpage by using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Bootstrap.

The competition will be a full-day event, which will be broken down into:
1. Quarter Final Round (HTML,CSS)
2. Semi Final Round (HTML, CSS, Bootstrap)
3. Final Round (HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript)
In the competition, there will be a group of 5 students.
Only four teams will get qualified to go the Semi-Final Round and hence, two teams will compete in the Final Round.
The winning team will be decided by the time taken to code, efficiency, and similarity with the given mockup.


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